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UpLevel Ops provides consulting and managed services specifically tailored to the legal operations needs of in-house legal departments. They aim to optimize our clients’ people, processes, and technology, ensuring they run as efficiently as possible. With tailored, high-end service based on extensive corporate in-house expertise, they craft practical, actionable solutions. UpLevel Ops is a Certified Woman-Owned business, and as your trusted advisor, they will take your Legal Department to the Next Level.  

UpLevel Ops works with Mitratech on workflow selection and implementations, including process optimization and/or creation for implementing TAP and developing communications, change management, and governance programs to support adoption and continuous improvement. 

We also work together on eBilling and matter management selection and implementations, including building Outside Counsel management programs supported by Mitratech solutions (likeTeamConnect and Acuity) to drive   continuous improvement and mutual  value  in outside counsel relationships. 

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  • Process Improvement/Optimization
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence 
  • Strategy Development
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Workflow
  • Matter Management 
  • Outside Counsel Management 
  • eBilling 
  • Data Analytics and Metrics for Better Decision-Making
  • Coaching 
  • General Legal Operations Topics
  • Legal Service Request
  • Contract Management 
  • CLM 
  • Contract Lifecycle Management 
  • Matter Management
  • Change Management

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How does Mitratech and UpLevel Ops Co-Innovate?

UpLevel Ops collaborates with their clients and the Mitratech team to develop strategy and technology roadmaps tailored to the specific needs of the client and aligned with their  legal department’s goals and company-wide objectives. Our companies partner to create tailored solutions from a program perspective, in which Mitratech technology is an execution enabler toward the strategic objective of the program. 

"UpLevel Ops recommends Mitratech solutions due to their long-standing understanding of the legal landscape and their evolution in developing solutions tailored to the needs of in-house legal teams. We work together to develop strategic solutions to achieve clients’ strategic objectives. Mitratech’s commitment to customer service is in line with UpLevel’s values and approach, and their commitment to innovation, risk management, driving efficiencies, and scaling for the future makes them a strategic and valued partner." ~ Steph Corey, CEO/Founder, UpLevel Ops


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