Harbor is the preeminent expert services provider to leading law firms, corporations, and their law departments. Working across key areas – strategy, legal tech, operations, and intelligence – our global team of 650+ industry experts serve over 80% of Global 200 law firms and 50% of the Fortune 500. Our enterprise and contract lifecycle management (ELM & CLM) specialists help optimize the value of their Mitratech investments with deep domain expertise and experience:



  • Nearly 100 years of combined experience with Mitratech solutions building hundreds of workflows, integrations, and TAP extensions.  
  • Deep bench of expertise with 40 developers and engineers developing on Mitratech platforms.  
  • Expertise in advanced analytics and how to help legal organizations harvest key business insights related to CLM, ELM, and more.  

  • Industry-leading contract intelligence and workflow design services.  
  • Creation and application of best-practice processes around key CLM and ELM activities like milestone monitoring and renewal timeline tracking. 
  • Definition of resource alignments and creation of clear roles and responsibilities.  
  • Categorization of all contracts and creating a repository of standard T’s & C’s to ensure transactions and invoices remain in line with approved language. 
  • Technology adoption and change management services that optimize the value of Mitratech technologies to the organization. 
  • Upskilling services that expand expertise with Mitratech technologies as an organization’s CLM and ELM processes evolve

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How does Mitratech and Harbor Co-Innovate?

Harbor has unmatched expertise and experience in helping law departments worldwide leverage innovative technologies, including Mitratech's ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) and workflow automation tools.  

Harbor understands the legal function, and how technologies like ELM and workflow automation tools improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law departments. Likewise, Mitratech’s relentless innovation in technology offers the legal ecosystem continuous new opportunities to improve their approach to getting their work done. 

Through our collective partnership, Harbor and Mitratech bring next-generation technologies to law departments and law firms as they navigate to the future of law.



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